Zounds Hearing Center


Welcome to Zounds Hearing Center at Frontier Village!

Zounds Hearing Aides designed in Arizona, are small, discreet and comfortable, the only hearing aid that eliminates up to 90% of the background noise, is completely rechargeable, free battery replacement, comes with a remote control to adjust for different environments, has several different fitting options for comfort and sound quality, and manufacturers their own hearing aids (no middle men), saving customers thousands of dollars.

Call Dee and Dusty at 928-227-2476 to schedule a free hearing exam with no obligation.  Dusty will examine your ear with a video otoscope and measure your degree of hearing loss using audiometric testing equipment.  Then, Dusty will custom program the hearing aid(s) to your specific needs. With all models on hand at their Prescott store, in less than 2 hours, no waiting, you will immediately and literally hear the Zounds difference.

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm

Phone: 928-227-2476

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Located in Frontier Village Center
1781 E Highway 69
Suite 65
Prescott, AZ 86301