Movie Theatre Now Open at Frontier Village

pse-150.fwFrontier Village just passed another hurdle…the opening of its Theatre complex. Picture Show Entertainment, LLC, a Colorado-based Company, has entered into an agreement to manage the Frontier Village Theatre.

Picture Show Entertainment hosted the theatre Grand Opening August 14, 2013. An extensive remodel of the Frontier Village theatre resulted in a state-of-the-art digital theater complex with plush leather reclining seats and first run movies.

“Naturally, we are thrilled with the addition of Picture Show to our growing cast of national, regional and local brands and we know from public comments, especially those from Prescott residents, that there is a pent-up demand for a quality theatre,” said Donald Teel, General Manager of Commercial Real Estate for the Yavapai-Prscott Indian Tribe.

Have a question or need movie information?
Contact Picture Show Entertainment:
Information Desk: (928) 237-5028
Movie Line (928) 515-2392
Click Here for Movie Showtimes
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  1. I am thrilled about the Theatre opening. Stopped going to movies when it closed in Prescott.. Prescott Valley too much of a hassle.. Yeh for Prescott!!! Nothing like a matinee on a Sunday afternoon or a rainy day. Way to go…

  2. Of course, we agree! The Frontier Village center is moving forward with a new array of stores and restaurants to meet the needs of Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.

  3. I can’t wait for the theater to open!! I would live some “arty” and foreign movies.
    and even second run movies too!!!

  4. Thanks…we’re equally happy and your suggestion will be considered.

  5. Where can I pick up applications for the new stores coming in?

    • For employment information please contact the businesses directly. In most cases, if not all, a Google search will take you to their website, where you can find the necessary contact information.

  6. Love going to the movies but PV is too much of a hassle to drive.

  7. Mary K Webster says:

    It was very sad seeing all the empty stores at Frontier Village and I am very happy to see that the Tribe is bringing it back to life. What an asset to the community! And I really missed the theater and look forward to having it back.

  8. We would Love to see the $2.00 second run movies and have ALOT of people that would LOVE Midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday and Saturday Nights

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m happy to see the center slowly coming back to life. I’m sure you’ll see the community greatly supporting this!

  10. We are also looking forward to the re-opening of the NEW theatre. Would also like to see a Marshalls and or a TJMAXX. It will be good to see Frontier Village revived……..

  11. Oh come on you tease us with the fatct we will have a moive theater in Prescott and no updates what so ever!

  12. Any timetable yet on when the theater will be opening?

  13. When is the theater going to be opening? And how can I apply as I have worked for the theater in the past under different management.

  14. Shirley says:

    Please open the theater as soon as possible!!!
    Also please consider some independent films.

  15. Abso-freaking-lutely! It was positively ridiculous that the only movie theatre was the “teen scene” movie theatre in PV. I haven’t been to a movie AT a theatre in our area in years. PV has too many kidlets who are using the theatre as a “hangout” to meet their friends, and the PREVIOUS Frontier Village Theatre had numerous technical problems (like no sound for the last 15 minutes of a film).

    I eagerly look forward to a CLOSER theatre (and suggest they build another in Chino Valley as well).
    The Frontier Village location is convenient without the forced excitement of “ED” in Prescott Valley.
    I can have a relaxing meal with my wife then take in a movie, what a wonderful way to spend a day.


  16. Pleased the theatre will be open again and would like to add my request for independent films and discount days and/or discount films (second-runs are fine with me). I don’t need popcorn toppings or anything fancy -but have you considered the possibility of even a few healthy snacks? Many are gluten intolerant, but can’t handle corn either. Thanks for considering these suggestions, and good luck.

    • Thank you for your suggestions Anita! The Picture Show Theatre will play first run, new release movies. We encourage you to visit their website, they welcome feedback from the community too.

    • I agree, we do not need all the same movies playing in PV. Independent and foreign movies should be part of the fare. This has worked in many areas that have movie theaters close to each other. It offers more choice.

  17. When is the Picture Show opening? I thought it was tomorrow (8/14). When will the listing appear in the news paper?

    • The Picture Show Theatre opened to the public today August 14th. The movies will be listed in the ‘AZ Edge’ Section of the newspaper on Fridays. There is also a link for the showtimes here on the Frontier Village Webite, it can be found on the Picture Show Business page.

  18. I’m excited to go the movies a the Picture Show! But how do I know what movies are showing? The website doesn’t seem to tell.

    • Doug there are several convenient ways to see whats playing at the Picture Show Theatre:
      1. There are multiple options now available on the theatre website Visit and click on the ‘Showtimes’ tab and then choose the Frontier Village link or you can Click on the ‘Locations’
      tab and there is a “Get Showtimes” link for each location.
      2.There is also a link for showtimes right here on the Frontier Village Website, it can be found on the Picture Show Theatre business information page. Simply click on the Box that says “Click here for todays Showtimes”
      3. Visit Enter your zip code into the search box and it will take you to the theatre listings and showtimes.

      There is also a Movie Line you can call for show information, the number is 928-237-5036
      Thank you for inquiring about the ways to find movie listings for the Picture Show Theatre.

  19. How about a TJ Maxx or Marshalls in the shopping center? That would be GREAT!

  20. Will the customers be able to add their own butter, kettle corn seasoning, cheese seasoning, carmel seasoning etc? Congratulations on the opening of this beautiful theater!! I will pray for success!!

  21. Hi, it is just me again. When will you advertise in the paper for what movies are showing and
    what times? We need a daily listing as the Harkins has and all other movie theatres. Not
    everyone has their computers set up all the time(lap top’s)
    Please help.

  22. I love your theater. Don’t get me wrong, I also like the one in PV, but it is nice to have options. Even though we usually only get popcorn and a soda it is nice that you have a variety of other items (we have got pizza and nachos) especially if we are late and don’t have time to grab a bite to eat before the show. I love the comfy seats but the space between the rows is great. I love how I don’t have to get up or have someones backside in my face when they try to squeeze by.

  23. Is WinCo going in where Bashas was? If so, do you know when? Any possibility of a Bowling Alley! That would be awesome! Thanks for taking the time to answer all of us!!

    • Hmmm, we think you like Harleys! We are continuing our search for the perfect tenant mix and comments like yours tell us what you, our customers, are thinking about. Keep watching…we have a lot more to do!

  24. Thankyou so much for opening this wonderful theater am a senior citizen, only have a bike for transportation and live in Prescott, so to be able to ride there is such a blessing, I go to the movie 2 to 3 times a week. Again Thankyou

  25. charisse rose says:

    My husband & I love this theater! The seats are unbelievable! The food & service are great! Love that I can have a glass of wine or a beer! My only complaint is we are always freezing! In my book blanket recommended!

    • Frontier Village says:

      Hi Charisse! We love Picture Show as well and it has been a wonderful addition to the community and of course, Frontier Village. The heating and cooling systems have recently been upgraded. Please, always let the Manager and staff know when you are not comfortable. We are certain they care. Thanks and enjoy the next movie!

  26. Thank you so much for the movie house, as a senior citizen without a car, I can easily get there on my bike, it is a lovely facility. I am thrilled it is here….Marietta

    • Frontier Village says:

      It pleases us to know that we are meeting the needs of the community and that people like you are enjoying the new Theatre.

  27. Rita Brett says:

    Will we ever see a TjMax or Marshall’s at Frontier Village?

    • Hi Rita, we strive to bring businesses that our community loves to Frontier Village Center, thank you for the recommendation. You can also contact those companies through their websites or customer service and tell them know you would love to see them here in the Center.

  28. Celeste Ziemkowski says:

    I live in Cottonwood and drive the extra distance to go to the Frontier Village theater because it is so awesome. I love you guys!

    • Thank you Celeste! You can also find the Picture Show Theater on Facebook and ‘Like’ them.

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